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Celebrating 88 Years Of Quality Construction


Mission Statement

At Holt & Reichard, Inc. it is our objective to pursue logical, practical, and honest solutions to the client's constructions needs. We strive to provide a solid well-crafted product at a reasonable cost to the customer.

Message From Our Founder

"When my associate, the late Thomas E. Holt, and I formed our company our thoughts and objectives were on the advice my father, a Pennsylvania business man, gave us. He said, 'Always give your customer everything they paid for, for your customer is always right.' When we received a contract, we always shook hands saying, 'Our reputation is on the line again.' through over 70 years of building, quality workmanship has been our motto."

E. Paul Reichard, Founder


"Holt & Reichard's first job for us was in 1934. Since then, they have done virtually all of our construction including production and office buildings, laboratories and warehouses, and remodeling work. Our relationship with Holt & Reichard is such that they seem a part of our organization. We are very satisfied with the quality of their product and service, and with the competitiveness of their pricing."

J.M. Shepherd

The Shepherd Chemical Company



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